Destiny bug gives glimpse at upcoming DLC content

Destiny DLC glitch leak 1

A glitch in one player's copy of Destiny has revealed upcoming content in The Dark Below and House of Wolves DLC packs.

A glitch within Bungie's latest sci-fi epic, Destiny, has revealed the content in the upcoming DLC expansion packs - The Dark Below and the House of Wolves.

YouTube user Kinsey_92 shared the below video which shows how a bug in the game, that wouldn't allow him to travel to the Tower, Destiny's main player hub area, revealed content from the upcoming DLC.

Additional missions, Strikes, Raids, and Crucible maps, that appear to span all the current locations in the game, can be seen. One of the Raids in particular is in the Reef, an area that's only been visited for cutscenes so far.

The content revealed in the video appears to suggest that the DLC areas could already be present on the game discs that players have bought since launch, meaning purchase of the DLC may simply unlock that content. This news comes after we saw the Seraphim Vault area during the Destiny beta, where some players had managed to explore it, but it's not actually been seen as full-on playable content in the game so far. Is more of Bungie's Destiny already on the disc?

If the content revealed in the video above is the extent of the additional missions etc. in the DLC, it would suggest that players won't be getting any new planets to explore either. For now, at least.

The names and locations of the new content could just be placeholders for the downloaded expansions, so take this all with a pinch of salt until something official has been revealed. Plus there could also be additional gear, weapons, and items in the DLC that hasn't been shown here.

The first DLC pack, The Dark Below, is due for release in December, whilst the House of Wolves is set to arrive in 2015. Both will be priced at £19.99/$19.99, or £34.99/$34.99 if bought together.

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