Join the HITC Heroes clan in Destiny

Destiny Cosmodrome Screen

HITC have created a new clan for Destiny Players to join up and battle The Darkness together.

Have you been looking for a clan to join in Destiny, but not found the right one yet? Well, sign up to our newly-formed HITC clan - HITC Heroes. Our motto is 'to boldly go where everyone else has been before,' meaning we're not covering any new ground that nobody's been to yet, we just, but above all else, are there to have fun, socialise, and help each-other out.

There are two reasons we've formed a HITC clan in Destiny; one, to gather the HITC community together, to socialise, and fight back The Darkness; and two, so I have some folks to attack the Vault of Glass Raid with. The matchmaking in the game isn't great at the moment, so making new friends and tackling Destiny's more difficult challenges together will be fun.

We're an Xbox and PlayStation clan, so whatever system you own the game on you're more than welcome to join. Personally I own Destiny on Xbox One, so I'll only be able to group up with members on that console. However, hopefully once we gather enough members across all systems we'll be able to form Raid groups and PVP teams.

So, join us, won't you. You can sign up to our HITC Heroes clan here. Introduce yourself on the forums and let's get the ball rolling.

See you at the Tower, Guardians.

 Don't own Destiny, or perhaps a console? Do you play games on PC? Well, join our recently-formed HITC Steam Group - it's for our community members to discuss all things PC gaming and group up to play together.

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