Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) review

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Muscling in on the brisk trade being done by Activision’s Skylanders, Disney Infinity 2.0 also gets you to place statuettes on a special pad to make characters pop up in the game.

Infinity’s vision is broader, though, offering you the tools to create mini-games using familiar characters, props and settings. Each character comes with its own sub-game, the starter set comprising a Thor-led tower defence-style Assault On Asgard, uncomplicated beat ’em-up Escape From Kyln, and The Avengers game, which sees you roaming around a lifeless city in search of frost giants to pummel. It looks and sounds passable, and the sheer volume of content is initially overwhelming. But – despite appearances – there’s more going on here than a cynical attempt to flog plastic figurines.


Muraski Baby, PS Vita

Like playing one of Tim Burton’s dreams, Murasaki Baby has you dragging a strange infant with a mouth at the top of her head through a succession of eerie hand-drawn landscapes in search of her mummy. You touch the screen to pull baby along by her hand, making sure you don’t drag too fast or she falls over, looking sad as she picks herself up off the ground. Her life is a fragile pink helium balloon clutched in one hand, which she releases into the air when she gets frightened. It can also easily be popped by enemies or sharp pieces of scenery. Dragging two fingers on Vita’s rear touchpad changes the backdrop, with differing effects on creatures and objects, giving an eccentric, idiosyncratic dimension to an already quirky adventure. Less inspiring, during its play time of just under three hours, is a tendency for fat thumbs to obscure the screen as you perform the delicately balanced finger ballet necessary to navigate baby and balloon through later levels without meeting a sticky end.

Sony, £7.99

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