Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC launches

Watch Dogs CCTV

Add on campaign now available to Watch Dogs season pass holders

Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC is out now for season pass holders to get a week of early access before it becomes available to everyone else on 30th September.

Starting soon after the end of Watch Dog’s campaign, Bad Blood follows T-Bone, whose plans to give up the life of a hacker and leave Chicago are interrupted when a friend calls with a desperate request.

T-Bone is endowed with similar hacking, shooting and sneaking skills to those of Aiden Pearce in the main game. Joining T-Bone’s arsenal is his hacking, explosive-carrying remote control car Eugene, which he can use to infiltrate areas to take out guards and server farms remotely

The Bad Blood expansion adds 10 new missions some of which take place in new areas added to the Watch Dog’s realisation of Chicago, with extensions to the Pawnee and Brandon Docks regions and Junkyard 2.0.becoming T-Bones HQ.

Also coming with the expansion are randomly generated Street Sweep contracts where you can battle Chicago’s criminal gangs single-player or co-op

To mark the launch of Bad Blood, Ubisoft have released a new trailer which we have below.

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