Steam Music Player rolls out in new update offering free soundtracks

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Valve's Steam PC gaming client has been updated with the Music Player and some free soundtrack offers.

The Steam Music player has arrived in the latest Steam patch, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to listen to music whilst you play games on Steam, so you don't need any other music player open.

The music player also works in the Steam Overlay, so you don't have to do that pesky 'alt-tab' back to your desktop to change your tracks.

In celebration of the music player's launch, Valve have offered up some free soundtracks and a load of Valve games at a massive discount.

The Steam Store has a ton of other game soundtracks you can pick up at various prices here.

The full list of other changes and fixes within the update is below:

Steam Music Player

  • The Steam Music Player feature is now available for everyone, making it easy to listen to your music collection while you play games on Steam. For more information, visit Steam News. For product support, visit Steam Support.


  • Added display of friends’ nicknames to notifications
  • Added support for Family View recovery email address in Big Picture mode
  • Added "I forgot my PIN" link to Family View unlock dialogs if a recovery email has been set
  • Simplified the user interface of the main window
  • Reduced energy usage when running in the background
  • Fixed installing games using “-applaunch” or “steam://install” commands
  • Fixed some cases where invalid URL strings would be parsed as URLs in chats
  • Fixed some issues with Unicode handling inside links in chat
  • Fixed regression that prevented public sharing of screenshots of non-Steam games
  • Fixed install from retail disk for games with more than 4 DVDs, to use the data from all disks
  • Fixed game banners not appearing in grid view while in offline mode
  • Fixed hang in grid view when hitting enter with no game selected
  • Fixed warning sound playing when unlocking Family View in desktop mode
  • Fixed permissions issue preventing developers from uploading Workshop items to an app using the ISteamUGC interface, if they only had an auto-grant license for the app

In-Home Streaming

  • Improved AMD hardware encoding quality
  • Updated Streaming audio from Linux to use the default pulse audio sink if none is running at the time streaming starts
  • Fixed rare crash with windowed game capture
  • Fixed regression preventing Big Picture mode from responding after streaming a game
  • Fixed regression preventing streaming to NVIDIA Shield


  • Added support for additional caching of proxy auto-discovery results and better background detection of broken networks where auto-discovery fails and takes a long time to timeout
  • Fixed failing to draw Web views into games that run as the elevated user when Steam wasn't also elevated

Mac OS X

  • Updated some common user interface elements for Retina displays


  • Fixed keyboard input for non-Latin languages in the Web view

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