Endless Nightmare Rifts join RIFT to mark new expansion launch

RIFT cover 2

RIFT’s Nightmare Tide expansion will be celebrated with Nightmare Rifts

Trion Worlds has announced it will be marking the arrival of RIFT’s new expansion, Nightmare Tide on 8th October by spawning Nightmare Rifts with an endless number of stages across all zones

“No zone is safe from the upcoming onslaught.” write Trion. “Starting Oct. 8, you’ll see Tier 1 Nightmare Rifts opening from Silverwood and Freemarch to the shores of Tarken Glacier, and there is literally no end to the number of new horrors they’ll spew into the world. As long as you continue to clear the rifts’ timed stages, new waves of invaders will appear.

“Of course, each successive stage will be more difficult than the last.” the developers explain. “You’ll face tougher enemies, or a colossal boss, or more complicated mechanics, or a hard(er) time limit (or all of the above) as you progress deeper into your personal nightmare!”

Attempting to combat the endless Nightmares spewing into Telara will give players a chance to pick up new loot, achievements and chest drops while of course opening up access to higher tiers of Nightmare Rifts. Reaching tiers 3-5 with the new rifts will open up Nightmare Caches and end-game Essences along with Ghar faction Notoriety and new boss loots

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