Child of Light devs form core team, exploring new projects

Child of Light cover

Child of Light’s success has spurned the team at Ubisoft Montreal to look at making new games

The developers who brought Child of Light to life are now a core team at Ubisoft Montreal according to the studio’s VP of creative Lionel Raynaud

Speaking in an interview with CVG Raynaud said:"We are super happy with Child of Light. The team did a good job and the game had a great reception. We were proud to deliver something new and unique - a lot of people were surprised that Montreal was delivering this kind of game.

“The team learned a lot about RPG mechanics during development and this has resulted in us creating a core team. The people who made this game now want to work together again, whether it’s on a small game or not.”

Child of Light arose from Ubisoft’s internal entrepreneurial initiative, through which staff are encourage to pitch new ideas for games in between working on big projects,

Following Child of Light’s success Raynaud highlighted that ”we will encourage other initiatives like Child of Light and there's a chance that we will have many more games like that in the future. I already have many different projects that are in the pitch stage - I even had one in my office this morning, which was super exciting."

Despite the formation of Ubisoft Montreal’s new core team, Child of Light’s creative director Patrick Plourde told CVG he’s left the dev team to work on new projects. "I have moved on.” he said, “I guess I'm a special snowflake in this case, because I hate being stuck in one place. At some point somebody put me in a room and said, 'Pat, you're the Rainbow Six guy!' or 'You're the Assassin's Creed guy!' but I said no, even after Far Cry," fair indication that the game Plourde has turned his attentions to next represent a whole new challenge.

Child of Light is a game we really enjoyed and the news more games like it are on the way has got us enthused. You can check out our review of Child of Light via this link

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