Free trial week on Guild Wars 2 starts tomorrow

Guild Wars 2 April Feature Pack 1

Players get the chance to check out Guild Wars 2, although some restrictions apply.

Guild Wars 2 will be offering a free week-long trial to start from tomorrow.

ArenaNet has announced the trial for uninitiated Guild Warers is to start at 12.00 am PDT on 25th September and will end at 11.59 pm PDT on 1st October. Players who’ve never played the game before will be able to sign up for a free trial account and download the client ready for tomorrow. If you have an existing trial account you’ll also be able to log in when the trial starts.

Trials will be subject to a few restrictions, there’ll be no map chat, or the ability to send whispers or mail to people who aren’t on your friends list. Players on the trial will also be unable to sell items via the Trading Post, use the Gem Store or the Currency Exchange, hit this link for a full list of trial restrictions.

ArenaNet recently brought out the Guild Wars 2 September Feature Pack which brought in a number of changes including how mini pets and PvP finishers work and improvements to World vs World.

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