Diablo III patch 2.1.1 makes pets more useful

Diablo III Massacre Screen

Update also improves Infernal Machine drops, making keys group loots

Patch 2.1.1 has been released for Diablo III which among many things finally makes pets a lot more hardy.

Explaining the changes Blizzard said: “We want pet survivability to be roughly equivalent to the player that summoned them,” adding. “Many monster attacks that are intended to be avoided by players, and weren't already dealing reduced damage to pets, now deal significantly less damage to pets.” A bug has also been fixed with pets that means Shield Pylons should now work properly with them.

Also of note with patch 2.1.1 is that Infernal Machine drops in Adventure Mode will now be treated as group-wide, so if the Key of Bones, Key of Gluttony or Key of War are to drop everyone in your group should get one.

A number of other tweaks and fixes for Characters, Monsters, Items and Crafting are also coming with the latest update, a full list of patch notes is available via this link

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