Bendy iPhone 6s spawn #BendGate

Bendy IPhone

Twitter has a dig at Apple's unfortunate bendable iPhone...

People with the new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are complaining the new phones, with their super-slim design and aluminum cases are getting unintentionally bent.

As Unbox Therapy display in their video below, the IPhone is bendable under pressure, it seems putting your iPhone in a tight pocket creates similar conditions - bending the phone ergonomically to the shape of your leg.

Kicking off a storm of #BendGate posts, the iPhone 6’s unintentional bendiness has come under further scrutiny. Gadgetlove in their analysis find Apple’s malleable mobile extends roughly 3 degrees downward from where the volume switch is.


For iPhone unfortunates suffering from bend problems #BendGate has thrown up some intriguing solutions (which we don’t recommend you try)


An unofficial work-around from Apple suggests a more elegant option


While the world waits to hear an official response from Apple on their bendy iPhones we ponder if super bendy tech is the way to go.


In the meantime, remember your iPhone 6 is precious. Treat it with care, don’t be tempted to enact a bending yourself out of curiosity and don’t put your iPhone in your pocket if you’re wearing something tight-legged.