Analyst sees Blizzard Titan cancellation as a "problem"

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Could Blizzard’s decision to can their new IP be a costly one?

As many gamers will have already heard, Blizzard has sadly decided to cancel their next-gen MMO codenamed TItan, after finding it lacking in comparison to projects the company has worked on since Titan’s ill-fated development started out seven years ago.

In reaction to the news, analyst Michael Pachter has spoken out to show concerns that Blizzard’s decision could affect the company badly. “At their lead time, there won’t be a game for years. So they have to deal with inevitable declines in revenues and no new game on the horizon. I think it is a problem.” he said

Without a new IP that has already seen considerable resources sunk into it, Blizzard are left to fall back on their existing franchises (Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo) which in itself isn’t such a bad thing, although seeing a new franchise arrive from Blizzard is bound to have some draw for gamers.

World of Warcraft has reached its tenth year, with a decline in active subscribers to 6.8 million from the 12 million the game attracted in its heyday, given this would a new MMO IP have been of benefit?

As Blizzard themselves stated when they announced Titan’s cancellation, the studio are finding they can work their passion for accessible, streamlined games into smaller titles from other genres, such as Heartstone.

Given the massive popularity of MOBA’s, it’s plausible that Blizzard’s upcoming Heros of the Storm could be a success for the company inspite of no new IP to show gamers, and one which under Blizzard's own sub-genre of a 'hero brawler' could bring something sufficiently new to the table that could move MOBAs in a new direction. 

Whether these games will keep Blizzard going in lieu of a big new title is yet to be seen.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Do you think not having a big new franchise to roll out will hurt Blizzard? Or will the company survive on what they have for now?

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