Neverwinter to witness the Rise of Tiamat

Neverwinter Rise of Tiamat

“The Fate of Neverwinter Hangs on an Epic Battle with the Dragon Queen”

Cryptic Studios has announced an upcoming module for Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter in which the dragon goddess Tiamat gets a mention.

The blurb which comes with the Rise of Tiamat trailer reads. “Leading to the culmination of the Season of Dragons, Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat follows the events of the fourth Neverwinter module – Tyranny of Dragons – and the Siege of Neverwinter event. As the Cult of the Dragon look to resurrect the five-headed draconic goddess Tiamat from the Nine Hells, adventurers must band together to prevent the catastrophic takeover of the city of Neverwinter”.

The Rise of Tiamat in Neverwinter echoes the release in October of a new module for the table-top version of Dungeons and Dragons bearing the same name.

The new module will bring with it a paragon path for the new Scourge Warlock class, adding more options in both solo and group play. “High level players will also have the opportunity to gather additional pieces of artifact gear as they prepare themselves for a massive battle against one of Dungeons & Dragons most fearsome villains.” states the Rise of Tiamat press release.

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