Gauntlet reboot now available on PC

Gauntlet Screen 1

The 1985 arcade classic's reboot is out now on Steam for PC.

Arrowhead Game Studios' reboot of the 1985 arcade classic, Gauntlet, is now available to buy on PC. The game was set back from its initial release date of 3rd September.

Gauntlet is a 4-player co-op hack and slash title which uses a top-down view, just like the original. Of course the graphics have been brought up to date, along with the devs putting their own stamp on the title.

Players simply choose one of four characters; Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie, or Elf. Then you fight their way through the dungeons, completing challenges along the way and picking up items to aid their progress.

Publishers Warner Bros.' David Haddad said, 'this new digital version of Gauntlet innovates on past titles while staying true to the brand’s legendary four-player format. Multiplayer gameplay is at the core of Gauntlet’s appeal and now gamers have the option to play with friends and family locally and online'

The official launch trailer for the game is below, showing off that classic gameplay with a modern twist. Oh, and don't shoot the turkey, OK?

You can buy Gauntlet over on Steam for £14.99.

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