Bloodborne demo proves to be suitably challenging

Bloodborne combat

Only 60 out of 4,750 managed to fell the Cleric Beast across PAX and TGS

The demo for the upcoming From Software PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has been cleared by very few that tried it at PAX Prime and the Tokyo Game show. The end boss on the demo, the giant horned Cleric Beast, was only bested by 20 out of the 3,500 that attempted the demo at PAX Prime - TGS attendees did slightly better with 40 out of 1,250.

These statistical revelations came during a stage event at TGS attended by Dualshockers, who also report that journalists and industry professionals that attempted the demo exclusively, “ did abysmally” with only one taking the Cleric Beast down.

For those curious to see how to take the Cleric Beast down (should it appear in the final version of Bloodborne) you may, or may not, wish to check out the video below, showing Bloodborne producer Masaaki Yamagiwa playing through the demo in it’s entirety

It seems that despite talk that Bloodborne is to be less punishing that its Souls series predecessors, there’s still a hefty challenge to be had.

Bloodborne comes to PS4 on February 6th in North America and Europe, one day after the game lands in Japan.


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