This week’s new PS4 games

FIFA 15 Screen 1

What’s new on PS4 this week including FIFA 15 and Team17s Flockers

Here are the new games coming to PS4 in North America and Europe in the week commencing 22nd September.

CastleStorm Definitive Edition

Zen Studios light-hearted medieval action-strategy game. has you flinging an assortment of ballistic weapons at your opponents including Morningstars, Apple Grenades, Homing Eagles, and even flying sheep whilst you attempt to stop the onslaught of enemies trying to capture your flag and destroy your castle. CastleStorm offers a challenging blend of real time strategy, resource management, and a variety of different gameplay scenarios.

Defense Grid 2

505 games' new tower defense game challenges with dynamic gameplay that is constantly on the change and brings an all new storyline, new aliens and towers along with multiple new gameplay modes.


EA’s 2015 soccer sim is packed full of new detals to give a a greater depth of realism and a deeper sense of the emotion of the sport. Relive the match-day experience like never before as you face the intensity of the crowds and the Dynamic Match Presentation from familiar TV pundits.



Team7’s new A - B puzzler tasks you with leading a flock of sheep to safety as they strive to secure their freedom  from their worm oppressors (who’ve been filling them with explosives for their own militaristic ministrations). Expect some nasty traps and a good helping of dark humour.

That's what's new on PS4 this week. Drop us a comment if you'll be getting any of the games above.

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