Magnussen hot, Button bothered: McLaren's Singapore Grand Prix Review

McLaren Singapore

We look at how McLaren fared at the Singapore Grand Prix and rate the performances of Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen.

McLaren looked set for solid points in Singapore, but a late failure for Jenson Button cost them dear and allowed chief rivals Force India to move ahead of them in the constructors' standings. Add to that a burnt rear end for Kevin Magnussen and you have a frustrating race for the Woking-based squad.

Jenson Button: Grid 11th. Finish DNF. Rating 8/10

After qualifying behind Magnussen, Button quickly overhauled his team-mate on the opening tour and looked strong thereafter.

By the closing stages he was chasing down the Williams of Valtteri Bottas for sixth and, given how badly worn the Finn's tyres were, the Brit would surely have claimed the position.

But with just eight laps remaining his car shut down, forcing Button to park on the side of the road. After one of his best performances of 2014, the McLaren man was left with nothing.

“The engine cut off and, annoyingly, it was just when we started to use modes that we could use to the end of the race; we had saved everything for the end of the race because we knew Bottas’ tyres would go off,” Button told Sky Sports.

“And they did, but we couldn’t capitalise because we were parked by the side of the circuit. I think we could have had Bottas’ position," he added.

Nevertheless, that performance should help Button's push to re-sign with McLaren for 2015, even if the end result wasn't there

Kevin Magnussen: Grid 9th. Finish 10th. Rating 8/10

The numbers don't really tell the story of Magnussen's Singapore Grand Prix. Making his debut at the circuit, the Dane did a great job to beat Button in qualifying, but a scrappy first lap in which he almost came to blows with the Brit cost him positions.

Things were to get a lot worse. As well as suffering from extreme tyre degradation, Magnussen's cockpit began to overheat, causing the youngster significant discomfort. He was also unable to use his water bottle as the liquid had become undrinkably hot.

And after all that Magnussen had looked set to finish outside the top-10. However Bottas' late tyre woes allowed the Dane to sneak into 10th - which is no less than he deserved.

"That was tough, very tough. At least we got one point," he said afterwards.

"I don't know if something was wrong, but my seat was very hot, so we have to check what's going on. I couldn't even drink the water.

"It's the hardest-earned point I've ever had. It's better than nothing," concluded Magnussen, who was later treated for minor burns.

All in all, a pretty heroic effort on his Singapore debut.