Lewis in control, Nico gets ctrl-alt-delete: Mercedes' Singapore Grand Prix Review

Lewis Hamilton Singapore

We assess how Mercedes fared at the Singapore Grand Prix and rate the performances of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Dominant as they have been this season, Mercedes have only taken a single one-two finish in the past six races.

In Singapore they were celebrating victory for one car while scratching their heads as to what went wrong with the other. The last thing they want is for a technical fault to decide the drivers' championship, with boss Toto Wolff saying "I would break my arm again to stop the reliability issues." You have to admire his willingness to try radical solutions...

Lewis Hamilton: Grid 1st. Finish 1st. Rating 9/10

Hamilton remarked afterwards that he wished he could have fought with his team-mate on Sunday afternoon. While a part of him almost certainly feels this way, the man desperate to win his second world title will no doubt be thrilled that Rosberg failed to finish. After all, he now has a slender championship lead and finds himself on a real roll.

He narrowly grabbed pole, despite a mistake on his final lap, which put him in the perfect position on Sunday. Rosberg's demise made life that much easier.

There were a few worrying moments in the race after the safety car seemed to have put Hamilton on the back foot. However that merely gave him a chance to stretch the Mercedes' legs, lapping significantly faster than his pursuers to build a huge gap.

He still had to re-pass Sebastian Vettel, but given their very different tyre situations that was never going to be especially difficult. Hamilton went on to win by 13 seconds and steal a march in the title battle.

Nico Rosberg: Grid 2nd. Finish DNF. Rating 7/10

You have to feel for Rosberg. Having missed out on pole by a mere 0.007s, the German was all set to fight Hamilton for the win on Sunday. Even if Lewis had disappeared into the darkness, Nico surely had the pace to secure P2.

He was clearly disappointed to miss out on pole, shouting "dammit" over the team radio to vent his frustration. What he said when the Mercedes crew told him to shut his car off was probably unrepeatable.

It would later transpire that a broken wiring loom inside the Mercedes' steering column was to blame for Nico's problem. He fought on in the early stages, despite his car being severely down on power, but unsurprisingly he was unable to get going again after his pitstop.

That cost him the world championship lead as Hamilton stormed to a commanding win. To add insult to injury, the fans in the grandstands cheered as Nico sat on the pit apron unable to restart. Hasn't he suffered enough for his mistake in Belgium?