Forza Horizon 2, First Impressions

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This weekend I played the Forza Horizon 2 demo on Xbox One. These are my first impressions.

After a 10.4 Gigabyte download, you would want a demo to be worth the storage space it required to download it.Wouldn't you?

Well let me assure you it is worth the wait and storage space. From the moment you load up the game, the player is greeted with some beautiful visuals accompanied by cool music (If you like that kind of genre). It does a very good job of setting up the lifestyle around the Horizon tour.

Your first task as a driver is to drive the Lamborghini Huracan to an event, as a favour to one of the in game characters. This is where you will have your first taste of the Horizon free roam, this is where you will have the opportunity to drive some amazing machines against a picturesque backdrop, complete with changing weather and day time lighting. These features really are a showcase for the graphics, that really add to driving experience.

On arriving at the first event after a nice cruise through some country roads, you are given a choice of three vehicles. One of these vehicles will be your default car throughout the demo. From here you will take part in three races with the chance to take part in a couple of side tasks. A bucket list being one of them. This is where you will experience the more important part of the game. The driving.


For me, Forza Horizon 2 has really nailed the handling of the cars, making me feel that I was more in control of the car than I have in most driving simulators. Allowing me to counter steer if I felt my back end was going out to much, with other racing games I would have already spun out, which is very frustrating as a player. Don't get me wrong, you can still spin out, but only when you are driving like a complete idiot.

Something also has to be said about the weight distribution when braking, and this is probably the best example I have seen or experienced in any driving game I have played. When braking, you really feel the force of the car being distributed to the front, you can also feel the wheels locking if applying the brakes too hard. This feedback to a player is really important as it allows him/her to correct mistakes and ultimately adds to a positive game play experience. 

Overall the demo did its job. My only criticism is that I wanted more races, but again maybe that's where the demo has succeeded.I think that based on this demo, Forza Horizon 2 is going to be a very polished product and a must have for racing fans. But do not take my word for it, download the demo now and see what you think.

The game is available to buy in the UK on 3rd of October 2014



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