'Spawn' Fan Film

Spawn Short

A short Fan film based on the popular comic 'Spawn'

Some days you can be trawling YouTube, looking for new trailers for films you are eager to see. Then out of the corner of your eye you may see a little video embedded in that long list of YouTube videos that says ' Thundercats' trailer. So you click on it, only to realize that it is a fan made mash-up of actors films cleverly edited.

Now although this can be a nuisance to those who were excited by the prospect of a 'Thundercats' film,the trailers show that these people have a genuine love for the material and in some cases are better equipped to make the film than most studios. 

Some films have been given the green light because of such a well received short. Take for instance the latest news on the Deadpool film, would that have been given a green light had it not been for that successful short? 

Lets hope that Thomas Jane is given another chance to Punish villains after washing his dirty laundry. 

Beware of Strong Language and Graphic Scenes.


Another short film is also garnering traction on the web. Brought to us by Writer / Director Michael Paris, he shows us his vision for a 'Spawn' movie, based on the popular comic. 



What I like about seeing short films like this, is that they have been developed based on different motivations, and the material hasn't been tarnished by the talk of money or greedy studio executives pushing their opinions on a film that they have no understanding for.

Fan made films prove what can be done with little to no money, but with a love for the material.