Report: Blade Runner 2 script finished and in Harrison Ford’s hands

Blade Runner Cityscape

Ridley Scott and Ford both reported to be making positive noises

Den of Geek US have reported that Michael Green’s script for Blade Runner 2 has been completed and is now with Harrison Ford.

Although no specifics have been given away, Green did say of the Blade Runner 2 script, ““As far as I know, Harrison Ford has read it and liked it, but that is hearsay,”

Green went on to say, “there's probably some work to do on (the Blade Runner 2 script) should we get to the production phase,” adding that Blade Runner director Ridley Scott “was happy with the script…now it's a question of whether and when he and the studio choose to pursue it."

Meanwhile, Michael Green has been busying himself with a new draft of Prometheus 2 for Ridley Scott, and is also working in collaboration with Bryan Fuller on scripts for the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.


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