Go behind the scenes with The Order 1886’s weapons

Order 1886

Victoriana meets sci-fi League of Extraordinary Gentlemen style

A new video from Sony focuses on the design concepts for the weaponry in the upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order 1886. Set in an alternative Victorian era universe you play as Galahad, a member of a secretive order of knights who over centuries have been battling against a race of mutant half-breeds.

Speaking on the PlayStation Blog Ready at Dawn’s Ru Weerasuriya notes. "We used weapons based on existing technology in the Victorian era but also created others that stretched the realm of what was possible at the time.

"Some of these weapons were even purposely designed to feel somewhat dangerous not only to your target but to the user as well. We made sure they retained the feeling that they were still in their prototype stage and being field tested.

"This also reinforced something that was true of the era as often inventions and innovations would find themselves in use well before they were deemed safe to the public, very much unlike the stringent testing and safety regulations that are required today."

Set back from its original 2014 launch window The Order 1886 will be coming exclusively to PS4 on 20th February 2015.

New Sony video shows The Order 1886’s rip-roaring gameplay.

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