Destiny Vault of Glass beaten in under 2 hours

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Bungie's latest title received its first Raid this week, and a fireteam has beaten it in record time.

If you've been playing Destiny you'll know that you can team up with others to take on the game's tougher challenges, with the toughest being the only Raid, the Vault of Glass. The Raid was released on Tuesday this week and saw the first team complete it in 10 hours, but now just a few days in another group has done it in under 2.

The team to achieve this feat, ProffessorBroman and his Fireteam. The below video shows the team's entire venture into the Raid, so if you're yet to try it yourself and want to avoid spoilers, just don't watch. Also some sweary bits too, so be warned.

Along with the Raid some other events have been revealed too, including the Combined Arms PVP mode which is available this weekend, and 'The Queen's Wrath' Bounties that begin next week. I've been playing Destiny since its release last week and you can check out what I think of it in my review.

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