Destiny Combined Arms event starts today


Bungie's next event for Destiny begins this weekend, and you'll be battling with vehicles in the Crucible.

Today Destiny players have been given another new event in the form of Combined Arms, a purely vehicular combat mode in the Crucible's PVP arena. Most of Destiny's PVP maps don't have vehicles, however Combined Arms is all about riding around on Pikes and driving those big, bulky, rocket-firing Interceptors.

For battling in Combined Arms you get the usual Crucible Gear, Crucible Mark, and Crucible Reputation rewards.

Not only is Combined Arms now available, but Bungie have also released a few more details on the game's next event, The Queen's Wrath. This event rewards unique legendary and/or unique rare gear for 'Guardians who extinguish enemies of the Reef'. New Bounties will be up for completing along with 'challenging mission modes'.

A couple more events are teased, more Salvage in September, and an Iron Banner event in October.

Destiny Events 19 09 2014

If you're still undecided about whether you should buy Destiny or not, check out my review which will give you an overview of what to expect. Or if you have been playing, take a look at our tips for becoming the ultimate Guardian.

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