Battlefield Hardline drives new Hotwire multiplayer mode trailer

Battlefield Hardline Hotwire Screen 3

EA's cops and robbers themed Battlefield title receives a new trailer for one of its multiplayer modes, and some tips for playing it.

The newest addition to the Battlefield FPS series is taking a different turn with its setting, this time opting for a cops v robbers vibe. The online multiplayer of Battlefield Hardline includes the 'Hotwire' mode, allowing for action movie style car chases, and EA have released a new trailer along with some advice when playing.

In Hotwire mode you're tasked with getting the marked cars and driving them as fast as possible, to keep them from the enemy team. And in the trailer below it looks to full be of fast-paced action and Michael Bay-style explosions.

In a blog update the devs have given some tips for the mode as well, to make sure you're ahead of the competition. Some include performing 'cool jumps' to score extra points, and setting up roadblocks to halt your opponents driving.

Battlefield Hardline was delayed a couple of months back in an announcement from EA. It was initially due for release on 21st October 2014, but now it's due sometime in 2015. The game is set to be available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One. The game is also coming to PC, and I checked out the beta for the game a few months back and wrote down my thoughts over here.

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