New Deep Down trailer gives hints about the game’s story

Deep Down

Capcom’s PS4 exclusive online dungeon crawler travels back and forth through time

While we’ve yet to hear whether Deep Down is definitely coming to the west, it’s a game that from what we’ve seen has us wanting to know more, and one that is amongst our most anticipated free to play games coming to PS4.

One of the aspects that drives our curiosity is the game’s setting, one which puts an Assassin’s Creed style twist on what would otherwise appear to be a straight-up medieval-themed action RPG (see Dark Souls). In the game you play one of the Ravens, a group for some reason travelling back to the times of fantasy monsters and dungeon crawls via interacting with the memories held in ancient artifacts.

A new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show is giving a tease of Deep Down’s story, starting with an armoured knight in 1494, flashing forward to a futuristic New York in 2094 when an artifact is touched.

You also get to see more footage of the game’s shiny looking dungeons, vicious traps, hideous monsters and promising looking visceral combat. Check out the trailer below to see for yourself.

Over in Japan a delayed beta test for Deep Down is due to kick-off later this year, with the finished game slated to launch in February. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if news of a western release surfaces


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