Castle Black from Game of Thrones created in Minecraft

Minecraft Game of Thrones Castle Black 1

Those Minecraft creators have been at it again, this time they've constructed the Night's Watch headquarters.

There's a lot of talk about Minecraft and its creators, Mojang, right now, due to the fact Microsoft have confirmed they're buying the Swedish developer along with its game for $2.5 billion. But, let's get back to the more fun side of Minecraft, and look at another amazing creation by some of the players - Game of Thrones' Castle Black and the Wall.

Cthuwork's project page for the creation of the Night's Watch headquarters says that it took a team of over twenty members to construct during a total of 15 hours.

The project includes Castle Black and, of course, the Wall it protects. You can download the map to explore from the project page, and the below images give you an idea of its scale. The images were created in a renderer, so it won't look as awesome as this when you walk about the map yourself, but it's still way better than anything I've ever created in the game. Thanks, Kotaku.

Minecraft Game of Thrones Castle Black 7Minecraft Game of Thrones Castle Black 5Minecraft Game of Thrones Castle Black 4Minecraft Game of Thrones Castle Black 6

Minecraft Game of Thrones Castle Black 2

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