Andy Murray confirms on Twitter he is backing Yes campaign for Scotland

Andy Murray

Tennis star Andy Murray is backing Scottish independence.

Today sees Scottish people go to the polls and vote yes or no in their independence referendum. One famous person who has seen a lot of intrigue around his view on the matter is Andy Murray.

The Scottish tennis star has often been received with mixed tones in the UK. When he is successful he is British, when he is not he is Scottish - it has always been a love hate relationship between Murray and the English public.

Now he has made it clear just exactly who he is backing to come out on top. Murray is backing the Yes campaign.

He sent this Tweet in the early hours of the morning revealing that he felt the desperation of the No campaign led by Alistair Darling had convinced him to back Alex Salmond's vision for Scotland:

Murray has also revealed recently that he will be playing for Scotland and not Great Britain should the Yes campaign come through.

So Murray will be looking forward to finding out where Scotland's future lies.