Thomas Was Alone for Wii U and Xbox One shows up on German website

Thomas Was Alone 1

It appears Mike Bithell’s hit indie platform puzzler is hopping onto next gen

A German site has listed Thomas Was Alone for Wii U and Xbox One, giving strong indication the game is headed to the latest generation of consoles.

The site is question is that of the German software regulatory body USK, which carries separate listings for Thomas Was Alone on both consoles, naming Curve Studios as the publisher. The Thomas Was Alone cast of anthropomorphic shapes first launched on Steam in 2012 and has since made it to PS3, Vita, iOS and Android.

While no mention of a PS4 version has been made, it seem highly likely to be in the pipeline given TWA creator Mike Bithell is currently aiming his next game Volume, a stealth-based game with Robin Hood references, at PS4 and Vita.

Bithell reported earlier this year that Thomas Was Alone had sold over 1 million copies, also stating that the offering of the game for free on PlayStation Plus has helped to create an appreciable audience.



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