Updated - Need more loot in Destiny at level 20? Try this mass-loot trick

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There's a simple way of gaining tonnes of rare gear in a short amount of time in Destiny.

Update - 26/09/2014

Bungie have increased the respawn times for enemies in certain locations in the latest patch.

Update - 22/09/2014

A new area has been found which is much more effective to farm for loot than the one described below, check it out over here.

Original story

Those of you playing through Destiny are likely to reach level 20 by the time you've finished all the available missions and story, but what then? Well, to level up past level 20 in the game you need gear that has the 'Light' stat.

Repeating missions on a harder difficulty, joining a strike playlist, and general farming can all help, but what if there was a quicker way to increase your chances of gaining better gear to level up? Well, there is - YouTuber HighonPCP has uploaded a video detailing an exploit that allows you to farm in a single area and potentially gather mass-loot.

The method exploits the checkpoint system, allowing you to kill a wave of enemies, die, then respawn in the same area to do it all again - kill, die, repeat.

So, what do you do? Here, I'll tell you:

  • Start the Moon story mission called 'The Dark Beyond', and make sure the difficulty setting is one or two levels below your current level - so it's not too hard or easy.
  • Get to the cutscene where there's a dead guardian outside the large door.
  • When the Hive enemies come at you through the door, kill all of the Thralls that run at you, but don't kill the Knights and Acolytes.
  • Staying at the bottom of the stairs, let the Knight and Acolytes kill you - when you respawn you'll be at the point just before the doors open, and all your loot drops will be there.
  • Keep repeating this until you get your desired amount of loot, or until you get bored.

I am yet to try this out, but it appears to be working for many people right now, until Bungie inevitably patch it. I'm not a fan of 'farming' in games, I just find it boring, but I'll have to give this one a go, for at least 10 mins I think.

HighonPCP's video explaining the method is below - warning, sweary bits. Thanks, Kotaku.

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