Navdy in-car heads up display recreates Top Gun for the road

Navdy Split Screen

Check out the neat bit of tech that makes driving safer

Navdy is a new piece of tech in development that allows you to project a heads up display onto your wind-screen, bringing technology previously the reserve of airline pilots into your car. With auto manufacturers working to bring more and more features to display on wind-screens, Navdy offers a handy solution to those that want a HUD in their car but don’t want to go and buy a new motor.

Using a flat projector that mounts on your dashboard you can project an image of desired data, such as navigation, straight onto the inside of your wind-screen. Navdy can communicate with your smartphone via an app with data displayed on your car HUD in either a single or split view, so for example you can have your sat-nav directions up on screen which then splits to let you know when a call is incoming.

Also fitted with a microphone and motion sensors, the Navdy lets you interact with your phone without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. A thumbs up will let you receive an incoming call and a swipe back or forth lets you open up a search or see texts.

While an in-car HUD is not a brand new idea, Navdy offers an after-sales alternative that can be kept and moved on regardless of the car and without having to perform any additional work, such as sticking a special cover to the inside of your windscreen.

"We think this is the first time head up display technology has been combined with touchless gesture recognition, and also a real head up display that works in cars offered on the market, says Navdy creator Doug Simpson. "There's kind of a lot of things that we've had to pull together, and the combination of those things really creates a magic experience that's far better than the individual pieces."

You can check out Navdy in action below.


This first version of Navdy is now available for pre-order at $299, and will sell for $499 when it ships in early 2015.