Destiny Vault of Glass Raid beaten in 10 hours

Destiny Vault of Glass Screen 1

The newly-opened Raid for Bungie's Destiny has seen a team of players complete it just over 10 hours after it opened up.

Destiny launched just over a week ago, and yesterday Bungie's new scf-fi fantasy FPS received its first Raid mission - Vault of Glass. After 10 hours, 42 minutes and 3 seconds the first team beat it.

Raids in Destiny are for groups, or 'Fireteams', of 6 players which must be manually formed. The Vault of Glass Raid, the toughest challenge in the game yet, requires players to be level 26 and includes two boss encounters.

The first clan to beat the Raid is PrimeGuard, and they got a shoutout from Bungie after their victory, who tasked them with trying it on Hard next:


Destinydb breaks down the stats of the clan's efforts, showing that the team died a combined 1,606 times with an average kill/death ratio of 3.59. The average lifespan of the team was 2 mins and 22 seconds.Thanks, Eurogamer.

Vault of Glass looks and sounds incredibly tough - the amount of coordination and persistence must be extremely high. Well done to PrimeGuard for beating it. Have you formed a clan in Destiny, and are you attempting to beat the Raid right now?

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