Destiny Public Events now occur twice as often in new update


Bungie have issued an update to their new first person shooter that doubles the amount of Public Events that occur.

Bungie released a hotfix update to it's new FPS, Destiny, which brings improvements to the infrastructure supporting the game, as well as Public Events.

The update states, 'Not every update that you apply to Destiny will contain revolutionary changes to the player experience. As we support the world of Destiny beyond the launch, much of what we do behind the scenes will be dedicated to ensuring the services that support the game are stable.'

Aside from the background fixes to improve stability, the Public Events have been changed to occur twice as often. Public Events can happen at certain times depending on which planet you're on, and they can task players with different objectives to complete. Players are given a rating depending on whether they fail, almost complete, or fully complete an objective, and rewards are given depending on the rating.

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