Another image and rumours surface about Guerrilla Games' new IP

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A third concept image, some story, and gameplay points have been leaked.

Yesterday we brought you news that some concept art images had been leaked of the Killzone devs', Guerilla Games', new IP. Of course, with such leaks and rumours, certain pinches of salt must be taken, however a new image has been revealed, via the same Chinese forum, along with some story and gameplay details.

First we'll talk about the story - the rumours come via Redditor PeaAir who claims they were part of a focus group for the game (reportedly called Horizon) and states the following:

'It's a third person action game based on the early footage I saw at a focus group for it'

'I did a focus group for this almost 2 years ago, I'm glad this game might exist and might be on my PS4 it looked pretty cool'

Pea Air goes on to share further details:

'Let's see based on what I can remember. The game is set in a post apocalyptic future where robots have evolved into animals/dinosaurs and humans have devolved into pre-civilization tribes of Hunters/Gatherers who are surviving off the land making weapons and armor out of robot parts.

You play as one of your tribe's hunters who's this girl that is fascinated with exploring the ruins of our old civilization.

They showed us some early concept gameplay, it seemed like one of the more unique aspect of the gameplay was that your character uses rope arrows to tangle up those giant dinobots like AT-ATs in Empire Strikes Back

They make it seem like there would be either class based co-op or your character would have some sort of NPCs fighting along side her. It seems like an open world third person action RPG and they claim the map will be extra huge.

That's all I can really remember off the top of my head, everyone in the focus group was really interested and excited about this whole rope tangling mechanic so I wouldn't be surprised if they flesh that out some more'.

So, it's a third-person action title, with a red-haired protagonist who roams a post-apocalyptic future filled with giant robot dinosaurs - it sounds pretty good to us. But, again, these are just rumours, so until we hear anything from either Sony or Guerrilla Games, we'll just have to wait and see whether these rumours actually hold any truth.

Oh, and here's the third image that's been posted online. It shows another huge robotic dinosaur being wrangled by a group of humans.

Guerrilla Games Horizon Art leak 3

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