Shadow Warrior trailer shows the game’s brash 1990s flavour

Shadow Warrior Screen 5

Lo Wang sings along to The Touch, although Stand Bush has never heard of the game...

A new trailer for Flying Wild Hog’s port to PS4 and Xbox One of the Shadow Warrior reboot is out with the rock stylings of Stan Bush complimenting the gameplay perfectly.

“The original Shadow Warrior game was released on May 13, 1997 as a semi-successor to the legendary Duke Nukem 3D game with over-the-top gore and humor,” said level designer Artur Maksara in a post on the PlayStation Blog. “While developing the new Shadow Warrior—the hardest thing was to keep the old-school feel but also avoid the gameplay from feeling archaic. We wanted the game to be witty, fast-paced and even gorier than the original, while tickling this feel for ‘nostalgia’ with fans of the original game.”

While the cheesy lines Lo Wang shouts out in video could better be described as ‘knowingly blatnet’ than ‘witty’, the game certainly appears to carry plenty of 90s era action tropes and over the top goriness.

Shadow Warrior comes crashing down on PS4 and Xbox One on 23rd September in North America and 26th September in the UK. The reboot originally launched on PC last year, gaining some favourable reviews at the time.

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