Shadow of Mordor live action short - rangers, orcs, and wraith powers

Shadow of Mordor Talion

Warner Bros and Monolith Productions third person action title set in The Lord of the Rings universe gets the live action treatment.

The team over at Corridor Digital have made a live action video for the upcoming Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor game.

The video below shows a band of orcs chasing down some humans, until one of the more timid orcs finds himself having to hunt down a human who got away inside some 'haunted' woods. In the game you play a ranger, Talion, who has wraith-like abilities which allow him to control the minds of his enemies, amongst other wraithy talents, and the film does a great job of showcasing him.

The make up, camera work, and visual effects are brilliant, and if you're looking forward to the game you're definitely going to want to check this out. Although, I question the wigs, and waist coat on one of the humans, anyway, yeah, watch it below.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is due for release on 30th September in the US for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The European launch is on 3rd October, and the PS3 and Xbox 360 release is on 18th November in the US and 21st November in Europe. Wonder why the dates are all over the place? Read this.

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