Preview those outfit Shaders in Destiny before you buy them

Destiny Shader Preview Outfit 3

Players have been frustrated with not being able to preview the expensive outfit Shaders in Destiny, but there's a website that can help them out.

Bungie's new FPSDestiny, has been out for a week now, and players have been a little frustrated with one aspect of the game's outfit features - the Shaders. However, now there's a way to preview your character before you splash out on the one you want.

Shaders are items bought within the game that change the way your outfits look by altering their colour scheme, but you can't preview before you buy, and they're expensive to boot. But, now you can preview the Shaders you want using Destiny Tracker, before you waste any more of your hard-earned currency.

Here's a few shots of my Warlock below, sporting the 'Superblack', 'Undercity', and 'Arctic Proxy' colour schemes. You simply enter your Xbox Live Gamertag or PSNid and you're good to go. Thanks, VG247.

Destiny Shader Preview Outfit 1Destiny Shader Preview Outfit 2Destiny Shader Preview Outfit 3

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