Alien Isolation video goes into the vents

Alien Isolation Screen 4

The latest video in a series asking ‘how will you survive?’ is showing you that spending too much time in the air ducts is a bad idea

We’ve seen that running and gunning are both things you should approach with caution in Alien Isolation, now the latest trailer is showing that hiding away in the air vents isn’t always going to help you either.

In the scene below Amanda Ripley sights an alien through a metal grate and pulls out a motion tracker (possibly alerting the alien to her whereabouts). Sadly her attempts to stay undetected are to no avail, as without a second glimpse the Xenomorph is upon her. Both the style and the feel of the game look to be doing a good job of evoking the first two Alien movies.

Alien Isolation will be out on October 7th on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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