Scottish Independence. Will It Be Yes Or No?

Scottish Flag Detail

Will democracy prevail in the vote for Scottish Independence?

When I first heard the news that Scotland would indeed be getting a vote, I didn't really have any feelings towards it. Perhaps that makes me the more suitable candidate to write about it? I suppose initially I was happy for the people of Scotland, with their chance to exercise a democratic right. Because surely the people should have a say on their country? Or do politicians and the media feel that the people are unequipped to make such a decision? 

I think what is interesting about the whole subject, is not the vote itself, but the question of democracy and can we trust the democratic process?

At the moment, multiple polls suggest that the numbers are essentially split down the middle. So it really is too close to call. Both camps are frantically trying to put their final arguments in for the Yes or No outcome.

Unfortunately the topic has also become the subject of controversy, with some media groups being accused of biased media reporting. Which in itself shows the lengths that some groups will go to, in order to sway the vote in their favour. This begs to question, do we live in a democracy at all?   

I personally find it sad that one of the arguments for the case of Yes and No to independence, is to appeal to peoples pockets and use fear tactic's in order to promote an argument. Rather, people should have questions put to them on possible outcomes.

There are a few I could put forward. For instance. Will Northern Ireland, Wales and England be given a vote? Does 'independence' mean Independence? because surely becoming a member of the EU negates that idea? Will Scottish MP's be allowed to have a say in the English Parliament? Who loses out and benefits from the decision? Will Scotland essentially be punished for exercising their democratic right and will we be seeing Scotland's border control on our TV sets? (Sorry trying to lighten the mood on the subject).

We can all speculate and predict what is going to happen but no one really knows the full outcome of the decision and it is at times like this that we need to have faith and be able to trust the democratic outcome, democracy is a will of the people, and it is the people that should speak and live with the consequences of the decision.

So, I am going to leave this article on a more pleasant note and say Good Luck to our neighbour's on the 18th of September no matter how you vote. At least you had the opportunity.