Scotland still on a knife edge: Yes and No both lead over weekend

With three days to go things are still far from certain as to which way Scotland will vote.

The weekend’s polls have given confidence to both sides with three placing the Better Together camp in the lead and one putting Yes ahead. Whilst the polls cannot give us a definitive answer on which way Scotland will vote they show that the race will be incredibly tight.

The ICM poll that gave Yes its lead placed the ‘no’ vote at 42% compared with 49% for ‘yes’, giving ‘Yes’ a surprisingly strong lead. However, writing on ‘What Scotland Thinks’, John Curtice, warned that the poll used a smaller sample size (705) than usual, saying that it was possible ‘its results deviate from the true picture as a result of chance’.

With polls suggesting both outcomes, Thursday’s vote is likely to be decided by the 10% or so (depending on which poll is looked at) who say they are ‘undecided’. Every vote will count.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday the first minister, Alex Salmond, said that ‘In my opinion...this is a once in a generation opportunity for Scotland.’

Additionally, Alistair Darling, the Better Together leader, responding to the shrinking gap in the polls, stated: ‘I said a year ago this race would narrow as we got towards the wire and that is precisely what has happened.’

Furthermore, according to the BBC, the Queen weighed in on the debate, but refrained from breaking her ‘impartiality’, according to Royal Officials.

Reports say that she hopes: ‘people will think very carefully about the future’, regarding the upcoming referendum.

Speaking today on BBC Radio Scotland’s Morning Call, Patrick Harvie, the Scottish Green’s Co-convener, discussed the Queen’s role. He said that in the event of a ‘yes’ vote he would be arguing for a ‘democratically accountable’ head of state instead.

This contrasts the view from Nigel Farage who said that the Queen had a ‘responsibility’ to intervene. Speaking on LBC radio the UKIP leader said that when the UK itself is threatened ‘it might be right for her to say something’.

Passions are rising everywhere showing just how committed to each cause both sides are.

Meanwhile another powerful figure has been watching from the sidelines - Rupert Murdoch.

Tweeting last night the media mogul said this: ‘Scottish economy may or may not be ready for independence, but country is ready emotionally and politically.’ The tweet suggests he may be backing independence for Scotland, however, the one following tells an alternative tale.

His next tweet said: ‘SNP not talking about independence, but more more welfarism, expensive greenery, etc and passing sovereignty to Brussels.’ In this he appeared to attack the SNP’s vision for an independent Scotland, particularly its commitment to keeping Scotland in the EU.

In three days time all eyes will be on Scotland as the five million strong nation votes on whether or not it will become an independent country. There can only be one winner, and with such close polls, only on the morning of the 19th September will we know which path Scotland will walk.