D&D Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons expansion released

Neverwinter Dragon cover

New Tyranny of Dragons expansion released for Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter MMORPG

Back in August, Perfect World Entertainment announced that there would be a new expansion released for their free to play MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter.

The expansion named Tyranny of Dragons came out this weekend and introduces a number of new features to the game including a new playable Class, new playable race, new encounters and a new dungeon and skirmish for players to explore.

Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons brings you the new Scourge Warlock class which specialises in ranged attacks and curse mechanics making it a very handy support addition to any party. The class will bring unique abilities for parties as they make their way through the new regions which have been overrun with the Cult of the Dragon. The expansion also features several heroic encounters involving dragons from Dungeons & Dragons lore.

We are promised that the new Dungeon and Skirmish will really put player's teamwork to the test as they make their way through various storylines from D&D fiction and travel through the new environments of Lostmouth and Tuern. There is even a new race to aid you in these quests as you take on the powerfull and dangerous role of Dragonborn.

Rob Overmeyer, executive producer of Neverwinter says "As fans of the series, we are constantly looking at ways to build on our players’ Neverwinter experiences, and ensuring that they live up to the lore of Dungeons & Dragons and the core D&D experience we all love".

You can find a new gameplay trailer for Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons below.


For more information about Neverwinter, and to play now for free, visit the official website at: <gp_link type="http" loc="//www.PlayNeverwinter.com">www.PlayNeverwinter.com

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