Activision to release Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on PS3 and Xbox 360

Chivalry Screen 4

First person medieval combat is heading to consoles towards the end of 2014.

Activision today announced that they will be bringing the popular first person medieval combat sim, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, to consoles before the end of this year.

First released on PC in 2012, the game pits players against each other in in a variety of familiar games modes like team deathmatch, free for all, and capture the flag. Players primarily use melee weapons such as swords and maces to fight their way through opponents, with bows also being available if you don't like getting up close and personal.

The trailer for the console announcement gives you a brief overview of its fierce and brutal melee combat - check it out below.

Screenshots for the console version have also been released.

Chivalry Screen 1Chivalry Screen 2Chivalry Screen 3Chivalry Screen 4

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will be released digitally on Xbox Live Games Store for the Xbox 360 and PSN for PS3.

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