Murdoch yet to decide if he is for or against Scottish Independence

Rupert Murdoch is still ‘carefully considering’ which side to support in next week’s Scottish referendum.

His influence in any election or referendum is undeniable and his decision could play a huge role in the coming weeks .

It’s important to note that Murdoch’s papers have a tendency to back the side which has the most support, actively supports and promotes business and looks to appease his personal desires.

The controversial media mogul who owns the Scottish Sun has said that he is yet to decide which of the two camps he supports and both he and his newspaper continue to remain ‘neutral’.

He has been active on twitter in the past week or so commenting on not only the referendum, but also throwing a few jibes at Piers Morgan.

Murdoch was also spotted earlier this week in Aberdeen speaking to supports from both the Yes and the No camps as he continues to weigh up the arguments from both sides.