HITC’s Weekend Playlist

Welcome to our new feature series where the HITC gaming writers share the games they’re currently playing

We devote a lot of time to reporting the new games coming out, but what of the games that are already here?

With such an overwhelming mass of games available we thought we’d spend some time sharing the games that we’re currently getting into to give a picture of what’s good out there, whilst at the same time getting a chance to share our personal faves. From glossy AAAs to wonky indie journeys to those mobile games you picked up to pass an idle moment; (that turned out to be surprisingly good) from the ancient to the modern and everything in between, here’s our personal gaming stories showing off the titles that as gamers we think are worth the time.

This weekend we'll be playing...

Adam – Fallout 3

Fallout 3 - Muckfield 1

It’s no secret I've been playing a lot of Destiny this week, but to read more about that you’ll have to wait on our review. However, that’s not all I've been playing – I was travelling last weekend, and in order to make the journeys a little more bearable I decided to load my new laptop up with some games on Steam, it’s not really built for gaming though. I thought I’d see how Fallout 3 would run on my new piece of kit, if at all. To my amazement it worked like a charm, and those ferry journeys were filled with exploration of the Capital Wasteland, Super Mutants, and the odd radscorpion. I hadn't played Fallout 3 for years, but it still holds up really well today. Sure, the character’s faces still look pretty messed up, and there’s the odd bug here and there, but to be sat surrounded by people on a ferry and still completely lose myself in the post-apocalyptic world, through the tiny screen of my laptop, is testament to the game’s greatness. I'm still discovering new things in the wasteland too, even though I thought I’d searched every inch of it when it was first released in 2008. So, that’s what I've been playing this week, and I’ll grab some time with it this weekend too. Oh, and remember, always fight the good fight, folks.

Ian - The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Right now I’m in the process of finishing The Bureau: XCOM Declassified which I recently got in the XCOM Humble Bundle on Steam. It’s a game I’ve wanted to play for a while now as I’m a massive fan of the XCOM series and universe since it all started with the sublime strategy game UFO Enemy Unknown, and I’m enjoying it even though it’s not my normal choice for a game. The storyline has been quite compelling and they’ve done a great job of capturing the early 60’s cold war style secrecy and paranoia of the era. Being able to walk round your base is just as I imagined it might be in the original turn based strategy games it’s based on, albeit 30 years earlier. Apart from a few control issues I had to begin with using keys (my fault) it’s now quite a fluid and fun experience when on a mission, although I’ve found issuing commands to my agents a tad cumbersome and slow. Given that it not a new game, it’s well worth picking up in my opinion for the right price on any of the formats it’s on, especially if you’re in the market for a 60’s themed alien invasion third person shooter.

Steve - Minecraft

Minecraft just made it onto PS4 which means I don’t have to switch consoles to play it ( I never got round to getting Minecraft on PC) compared to PS3 there’s clear improvements that have been enough to suck me into a mission on Creative Mode. Worlds aren’t infinite on PS4, but they’re huge compared to what PS3 could manage. Draw distances are better, blocks look ‘smoother’ and getting to a high point gives you a pleasant view of things. It feels like there’s a lot more creatures milling about and loading times once you’re in the world are almost instantaneous. I suppose you could call Minecraft the proverbial gaming Marmite - love it or hate it - I have to say I’m a big fan, it’s a game my whole family plays and with the PS4 version they’ve given that Marmite a delicious new twist on the PS3’s flavour. I acknowledge, despite not owning it, that the PC version is just better, but having it on PS4 is a worthy addition - it’s such a phenomenally massive game after all.

Robert - Injustice, Gods Among Us

This weekend I shall be playing a game that slipped past my radar on its release. Fortunately I was lucky enough to play it whilst visiting my brother a couple of nights ago. It was a game that grabbed my attention from the get go. With beautifully designed characters and selection menus.

So my game for the weekend is 'Injustice, Gods Among Us' for the Xbox 360. My initial impressions of this game have been positive so far. With some very competitive versus battles and uncomplicated combo moves for each character, the game is quick and punchy. I also like the character interaction with each level, it’s nice to see the levels are more than just scenery. The game also features a good selection of DC characters with more available to download through your console's marketplace. So unless I find a huge pile of cash in my bank account or that I am actually the son of an Alien, this is the closest I get to being Batman or Superman.

 So these are the games we're playing right now. feel free to jump in to let us know what you're getting into (we suspect many of you are likely to say Destiny!). Be sure to check back next weekend to hear about what we've picked up next. 

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