Star Citizen spoofs Top Gear in new spacecraft video

Star Citizen M50 WR Shot 3

A new game update to the space combat and trading sim brings a new space craft and a parody video.

Star Citizen is an upcoming space trading and combat sim that was initially crowdfunded back in 2012 following the devs launching their own campaign for funding on their website, and using Kickstarter. Currently the game has amassed a huge $53 million in funds.

The game has a large selection of ships for players to buy and pilot, and in the latest video we're given a look at the newest addition to the fleet - the M50 Interceptor.

The Arena Commander v0.9 was also launched earlier today, which allows players to race their spacecraft, amongst other updates. Details can be found here.

The video below is given the Top Gear treatment, with a parody of the presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, in a show called Galactic Gear. They use the show's style of car review for the luxury racing spacecraft. Cue emphasis on the third-to-last words in sentences, and over the top enthusiasm for digital spacecraft - brilliant!

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