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Destiny Hive Screen

Adam has been playing Bungie's new mythic sci-fi FPS, and he brings you is first thoughts on the game.

Often talked about as ‘the biggest game of the year’, Destiny, was released on Tuesday this week, and like the millions of other players out there I’ve taken up my mantle as a Guardian, to fight off the darkness in the hopes of saving the last city on Earth.

As the title implies these are only a few words on my first impressions of the game, after just three days of playing. My full review will be up on the site when… well, when I’ve finished the game and experienced every morsel of content it has to offer.

First up I'd like to draw comparisons with the Destiny beta I played back in July, as this is important due to a few slight differences I’ve noticed. One of the most obvious differences is the speed at which you level your characters - I've no doubt this process was boosted slightly in the beta, to give players a broader example of the items, abilities, and experience they would get over a longer period playing the full game, in a relatively short beta. So, yes, leveling feels slower than it did previously, but it’s steady.

So far the uncommon loot drops feel less-frequent too, but they happen often enough to make you go, 'ooh, new green loot'. It feels like it has just the right mix of gunning through enemies, with the random happenings of nice rewards that spur you to soldier on.

I created a Human Warlock this time around, and she feels pretty powerful so far, quite different from the Hunter I had in the beta. Speaking of characters, they still look gorgeous, of course, and playing about with the character creation screen is quick, simple, and lovely to look at.

Destiny Companion App Adam's Warlock 1I downloaded the Destiny Companion app on my iPhone, which is nice little addition to the experience that details your characters, missions, progress and more. This is a screenshot of my level 16 Warlock.

Gameplay-wise it feels the same as the beta – solid FPS combat, mixed with interesting and engaging missions, plus the added bonus of character customisation when you get that next epic loot drop. I haven’t had any moments of ‘grinding’, which is a good sign – the missions seem well-paced, so you’re not just replaying the same activities to level up. The universe and story I enjoyed in the beta is keeping me engaged, and my few trips to the Crucible for some PVP action have been mostly enjoyable, despite sucking at it.

I’ve played through all the beta content, with my character currently being level 16 now, and the story is starting to unfold a bit more, which is keeping me invested.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows however, up to now I have had some issues, albeit technical ones. A few times the in-game audio has disappeared, leaving only the odd presence of gunfire or an enemy’s shriek. In-turn this appears to cause the game to crash on me if I go into a new area, or the game needs to load. This hasn’t happened often, but I’ll be keeping an eye on this issue in case it crops up again, but I'm sure such things can be fixed in updates.

In all, so far I'm enjoying what I've played. The only gripes I've really had are with the crashes, loss of sound, and my inability to do well in the Crucible, and those instances have been rare - the latter of which is because I haven't spent much time there, I think. I’ll be continuing my time as a Guardian to bring you my full review as soon as possible - see you at The Tower.

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