A history of the MP5 in video games

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In a new video from Xbox Ahoy's YouTube Channel we're given the lowdown on one of the most popular weapons in video games.

As one of my favourite guns to use in video games I was excited to see that Xbox Ahoy posted a new video explaining the history of the weapon. He explains its real-world origins from the minds at Heckler and Koch, all the way to its use in video games up to present day.

Personally, I love this weapon in video games. At any and every opportunity I would use it - from my exploits as the bald, bar-code tattooed Agent 47 in the Hitman games, to online multiplayer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - this gun was my tool for getting the job done.

When I have the choice of being the 'good guy' in games, ones where firearms are used, the MP5 can sometimes be found. It's seen as a weapon used by more noble forces than anything else. As the below video explains, it was during the 1980 siege on the Iranian Embassy in London that the gun garnered plenty of air time, as the SAS used it when rescuing the remaining hostages from the building.

Take a look at the video below if you want to be schooled on this iconic firearm, and if you also want to know why characters in video games give the gun a slap after reloading.

If you enjoyed this video you should check out the rest of Xbox Ahoy's videos on his YouTube channel - there's loads more weapon breakdowns, and guides for in-game weapons too.

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