Team 17 shepherds Flockers onto PS4 on 23rd September

Flockers Cover

Ovine A-B puzzler is bleating its way to Sony’s latest.

Team 17, the studio behind Worms is bringing its new IP Flockers to PlayStation 4 this month.

The game sees you guiding a flock of sheep in a “modern day take on the classic A to B puzzle genre,” (see Lemmings) from one part of the level to another while working out puzzles and limiting the number of your flock that gets eaten up by traps. Only one of your sheep needs to make it to safety, although you get better scores the more that make it through the game’s trials.

Team 17's ovine fascination can also been seen in Worms where explosive-filled sheep are a familiar weapon. Writing up the game the developers note, “Sick of being turned into arsenal for the worms, the sheep are finally making a dash for freedom.” Carrying on from Worms in this way you’ll be able to give your sheep the red cape that turns them into the Super Sheep, enabling them to fly.

Here’s a trailer for Flockers.

Flockers first launched on Steam Early Access earlier on this year

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