Star Trek: Alien Domain boldly goes to your browser soon

Alien Domain

A new Star Trek online strategy game has been announced

GameSamba has announced that a new game set in the Star Trek universe is in the pipeline. Titled Star Trek: Alien Domain, the game will be a multiplayer online strategy title playable in your web browser.

While not a great deal of info has been forthcoming, Alien Domain looks set to carry the usual strategy fare: base, resource and conflict management, building units, moving them into battle and fighting other people.

GameSamba do let on that there’ll be PVP ranging from small skirmishes to large scale guild battles, although it’s unclear if said battles will be turn-based or in real-time.

Alien Domain Klingon Vs Federation

An alpha screen showing the Federation and the Klingons duking it out


In Alien Domain you’ll get to choose to play as the Federation or the Klingon Empire, creating Defiant and Bird-of-Prey type starships, with GameSamba saying you’ll be able to build ‘unprecedented super starships created through emerging technologies.’

The game’s setting has both factions exploring the darkest reaches of ‘Fluidic Space’ which Voyager fans will well remember as the domain of extradimensional species 8472, a less than friendly race that Janeway and crew encountered, perhaps the hostile aliens in the game that both sides will be fighting?

As a bit of a closet trekkie (or is it trekker?) I’m intrigued to see how Alien Domain goes, although i was under the impression that the Klingons and the Federation were at peace during the time of Voyager, correct me if i’m wrong…

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