iPhone 6 graphics could rival next-gen consoles; big name devs line up

EA, Square, Ubisoft, Epic, CD Projekt Red, Rebellion and more working on new titles for Apple’s newly-revealed iPhone 6

During Apple’s recent iPhone reveal, marketing president Phil Schiller went into detail about Apple’s new game engine, called Metal. This development could take iPhone - already a leader in mobile gaming - to new heights.

By removing some of the OpenGL and putting the processor closer to the game itself, the new Apple tech is showing some promising graphics that could end up rivaling Xbox One and PS4.

A new MOBA game shown at Apple’s event from the rather ironically named Super Evil Megacorp not only shows some flashy graphics but some hardcore gameplay more common to PC or console games.

Called Vainglory the game’s website notes that using iPhone 6 and Metal it  “can now deliver a level of graphics performance and resolution beyond that of a Blu Ray player on a new HD TV. That's higher quality than most current game consoles can deliver-in your bare hands!"

A video (shown below) gives a look at Vainglory, albeit on tablets but versions for iPhone 6 are on the way.


Apple has also revealed a number of big name devs and publishers now working on games for iPhone 6  and iOS 8 that reads like a list of who’s-who on the gaming scene. EA, Square Enix, Rebellion, Epic Games, Gameloft, Disney, Unity, Digital Legends, Ubisoft, 505 Games, CD Projekt Red, Rovio Stars and more can be found on the list.

Developers for Metal

A list of developers making iPhone 6 games (via |Metal)


While some say it’s inevitable mobile tech will eventually overtake console in terms of performance, there isn’t a sense yet that Apple are formally squaring up to Microsoft and Sony - though the fruit company seem to be edging closer than before. Indeed there are some glaring interface issues for touch devices to overcome if Apple does want to present a console alternative, if that is their intention, but given gaming is the highest grossing entertainment medium on the planet, it could well be.

Vainglory: the MOBA game that took Apple's iPhone 6 launch by storm

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