Scottish Independence: Pro-union camp to hold festival

Flag Of The United Kingdom - Union Jack

The No camp have continued their efforts to win back voters by planning to hold a one day festival to celebrate the union.

Hands Across the Border are organising a festival titled ‘BRIT ROCKS’ on Saturday the 13th of September, just days before the crucial vote to celebrate the successes of the famous union.

Alice Bragg, who is producing the event, said: “The Hands Across the Border Cairn is the perfect site to host BRIT ROCKS!

‘It encapsulates the spirit of grass roots and activism which we want to convey. Britain has fostered boundless creativity and originality within its four nations, a result of both the collaboration and antagonism between countries.

This makes us unique and not only worth celebrating, but also preserving, and it is for this reason that we believe the Union is worth fighting for.”

The hope is, that the festival will persuade voters who haven’t quite made up their mind that the union is worth saving.

Acts and bands already confirmed include: The Alleys, Millie Underwood, Sylvain and the Waw Waws and Christian Moss.

This comes almost immediately after former Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that Scotland will gain more powers if she votes against independence on the 18th of September.

Both the announcement yesterday and this proposed festival have been greeted by accusations of desperation as the No camp do all they can to gain back the lead they have dramatically lost over the past few months.